Just this weekend I decided to start this blog. I was on a hike in Canmore. http://www.trailpeak.com/trail-Ha-Ling-Peak-near-Canmore-AB-3400

Beautiful and inspiring. (top of Ha Ling Peak)

There are so many great food and fitness blogs that I like to read. I have loved cooking and eating for a while now, however I am new to working out. Well let me correct that, I am new to working out for health, rather than weight loss.

Not only did I decide to start this blog I also decided I was going to run a half-marathon on June 26, 2011. I'm going to run it and I'm going to get a good time. Unfortunately in the little research I have been doing into running half-marathons I am already completely overwhelmed. :(  It is hard to sort through all the different information and decide what is right for me.

So when in doubt...cook.

Mmm, Curried lentil and vegetable stir-fry over quinoa with hummus on the side.

Have a lovely afternoon.

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  1. Do you have some sort of fan club I can join?